smart-linksyssmartwifi FAQ’s

For logging into the Linksys smart wifi router’s web based setup to access the settings, you must either login using web protocol address as setup by default, or its possible to log via the default Linksys login IP.

This requires logging into the web based setup page via and accessing the wireless settings from the setup. You must then create and assign new wireless network settings to secure the Linksys smart wifi router network.

Sometimes, low signal network may trigger the unsuccessful connection of the Linksys smart wifi router to the internet, making you impossible to access Linksys login. The easiest way to resolve the issue is to power cycle the router and start it again.

After accessing the router’s setup page via login, you can check for any available firmware updates of router under administration settings. If your router requires an update, it would show under this option.

You can troubleshoot the router for any minute technical issues;-  Try rebooting your Linksys smart wifi router.  Check if the IP address is being configured and working.  Reset Linksys smart wifi router to its factory default settings.

Linksys smart wifi routers are quickest and easiest to setup after launching the smart setup or using the Linksys cloud account. The smart setup screen could be auto-launched after login suggesting onscreen instructions to Linksys smart wifi router setup.

Linksys smart wifi routers are easy to setup through any wifi devices, including mobile phone devices which make use of Linksys app or the Linksys cloud account to setup the router other than login.

 The Linksys smart wifi router’s IP Address for default gateway login must have been changed  The Linksys smart wifi router’s login password setup by default must have been altered.  The Linksys smart wifi router’s firmware would require an upgrade to the latest version.  There might be no network connection with the Linksys smart wifi router.  The computer must have an enabled firewall which might be blocking the connection.

It is quite possible that Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers may require set up of Quality of Service (QoS). As the QoS feature controls the priority of your wifi networking traffic, ensuring prioritization of devices by considering the data that is most important gets through faster.

For connecting to the Linksys smart wifi wireless network, you must know its wireless settings-wireless network name (SSID) and wireless password / passphrase. Access the Linksys router’s web based setup page through to look for the basic wireless settings. The settings would be displayed only if the configuration view is accessible and is set to manual.

The following reasons assure that the wireless connection between your Linksys router and your device is intermittent and dropping:-  Maximum Transmission Unit size may have been set differently.  Wifi signal Frequency interference being received from other wireless devices  Low wifi signal quality must be received from your wireless Linksys smart wifi router  Must be an Outdated Linksys smart wifi router firmware.

The default Linksys smart wifi login password is setup as guest. If you are not being able to connect using this, you could try logging to your web browser setup page via or default IP and search under the guest tab in the Linksys smart wifi wireless section.

It is quite easy to reset your Linksys smart wifi device; either by Hardware resetting which involves pressing and holding the reset button on the router for few seconds, or by software reset which requires Linksys smart wifi login using or Linksys smart wifi account to access the router settings from where you can reset the device.

You would require reconnecting your Linksys smart wifi router if you performed a firmware update or have reset the device. So, in either case, you would have to perform the smart setup process via or Linksys app or Linksys smart wifi to reconnect to the Linksys smart wifi network.

The Linksys app is used for Linksys smart wifi router setup as well Linksys smart wifi login. This app could be installed on your smart phone devices via the play store.