Linksys WRT32X Wi-FiTri-band Gaming Router

Linksys is a United states company renowned for manufacturing reliable network routers. Linksys routers enable to create the powerful wireless home network which can easily connect to computer, printers and other Wi-Fidevices on your home. Linksys routers are given different looks with advanced features to have their product reliability more than other routers.

Linksys router provides the users with their best quality of essential features which are varied according to their purposes. Some of the purposes for which Linksys router are best for- Gaming purposes, uninterrupted network, simultaneous streamline for video as well as audio purposes. They are also embedded with various modes in order to provide their efficient use and seamless mesh network within the router

Linksys router setup

Linksys router setup is a convenient method to configure the Linksys router and through which you can also access your router by just launching the browser with

Linksys has provided a more convenient method to access the router which is Linksys connect for the windows and Linksys smart Wi-Fi for the android as well as IOS versions.

Linksys WRT32X Wi-FiTri-band Gaming Router

WRT32X router is perfect for Gaming enthusiasts, providing smooth gameplay and high network latency which can create the difference between losing and winning while competing online. WRT32 gaming router will provide you enough bandwidth to keep you within the game with the minimum lag. It’s Rivet Killer Prioritization Engine, will automatically identify the Desktop and Laptop with the Killer network hardware which  will keep their priority above all the devices. The router is purely engineered for the smooth and lag-free gaming experience.

The key features of Linksys WRT32X Wi-FiGaming Router are

Customized Gaming and user Interface– It is embedded with the custom-built user interface and gaming firmware for controlling the gaming traffic of various users within the network.

1.8 GHz Dual core processor– It is installed with the 1.8 GHz powerful processor which promotes high-speed data transfer and stimulates high transmitting of data

Four-High advanced antennas– It is attached with four high- performance antennas to cover the wide range of signals transmitting the strong network to the router.

MU-MIMO– Latest MU-MIMO technology gives an interrupted streaming for the videos as well as the gaming purposes.

Advanced wireless security– Linksys WRT32X is compromised with wireless security which safeguards your network with a WPA encryption and SPI firewalls

Gigabit Ethernet ports– Ethernet port of gigabit in WRT32X allows data transfer 10 times faster than the normal rate which ensures advanced speed of internet for connected devices.

USB 3.0 port– Share files and data across the network with the USB port of 3.0 which offers enhanced speed over 2.0 port.

Easy installation– Setup of the WRT32X router is easy to install with or IP address is a link provided by the Linksys to access the setup of the Linksys router. The above link is a easy access to configure the Linksys router and also maintain the advanced and basic settings according to your will. One can personalize the network settings with the above link. is an alternative of the above link to get to the admin page of the Linksys router. Usually, people do not use to get to the login page of the Linksys router cause of the complexity of remembering the dots and digits which can easily be replaced by

Linksys smart wi-fi app

Linksys has recently introduced its smart Wi-Fiapp which gives the direct access to their Linksys router which gives user the convenience to easily monitor and control the Linksys router with just a touch. It is constituted with essential features to control your Wi-Fianytime from anywhere. Home networking has got more reliable and fun with this smart Wi-Fi app to easily get access into the network from any corner of the world.

With the help of this smart Wi-Fi app, one can easily tap into the home network and check the list of connected devices into your home network and give a guest access on your network and can also access the parental control to safeguard the illegal and adult sites from the children on your home. You can even prioritize some devices by setting the bandwidth of the network transmitting on the particular devices. To reduce lag and buffering on certain devices, bandwidth plays an important role in which you have the access by a single tap or click. You no longer have to be around your desk to have the access to your home network and to control the strength of your network with any inconvenience.

Some smart features of Linksys smart Wi-Fi app

24/7 remote access- It is provided with a much enhanced feature through which you can easily access your home network at any time of the clock. You are given the facility to control your router at any time in order to secure your network or bound it according to the circumstances.

Parental control- parental control is the most innovative and efficient feature in today’s world. This particular feature gives the key to the parents to block the various sites for the particular visitors that most probably will be their children. With the help of this feature, you can easily avoid some websites and programmers that can be an illegal one, social websites, and sexual content, adult-oriented website or can be any site which you want to keep away from your kids. This particular feature filters the web and makes the barrier for the inadvertent access to the particular website. Parental control acts as third party software using which you can totally gain the full control over your network.

Guest access- Guest access is also an efficient feature of the smart Wi-Fi app which totally gives you controls on your network by securing your significant and personal data files. It makes a third party entrance through which an individual can’t access your private network and can do his or her work in a separate network without accessing your files and secured information. It completely creates a different network with the different password on Network. The visitor can’t be able to share or access any file through the main network.

The guest access is maintained to make your network secured and safe from the unwanted users.

Device prioritization– Through the help of this feature you can also maintain the queue of the wireless devices connected to your network according to their preferences. The device prioritization is set according to the bandwidth on the certain devices that will control the transmission of the data signals into the devices. The feature is only one touch away to control the bandwidth which in turn will control the number of signals transmitting into various devices.

How to change the password of my Linksys router?

Changing the password is the best method to keep your router as well as the network secured against the zone

  • Launch the web browser of and you also can use
  • Enter the login credentials of the browser. The username field should be filled with the admin and password should also be filled with the password.

Note: In case you have set your password before then fill up the password with that.

  • Click the wireless on your screen and the wireless security tab.

Note: For some router of Linksys, the security settings will be under the Wireless then Wireless settings and then finally display under the manual option.

  • For some routers, the wireless security settings are under Wireless > Wireless Settings and displayed in the Manual
  • There will be a password field, enter your preferred password.
  • Click save settings to save your changes

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